Complete Streets Game Plays On!

Often one of the largest barriers to positive change is a collective inability to envision a better future. TCAT has developed a number of tools to guide communities and help them to imagine different futures. The Complete Streets Game, and before-and-after transformation images are two techniques TCAT has used to help community members, professionals, and decision-makers to discover different possibilities and see what they would look like on-the-ground.

Launched at TCAT’s 2013 Complete Streets Forum, the Complete Streets Game is a fun, interactive exercise that allows citizens to work together to create their ideal street and have a legible record of the community vision – without the need for professional designers. Since then, just by word of mouth, TCAT has provided the game to nine communities across Canada for use in community-based workshops.

At Share the Road’s Ontario Bike Summit earlier this week, Nancy Smith Lea and Chris Hardwicke co-led a session with four groups of engaged participants who came up with various ingenious solutions for turning King Street, right outside the conference building, into a Complete Street!

TCAT is actively seeking funds to produce the game into a box set of magnets so that we can make it available to more communities. Please help us build community vision and donate to TCAT today!

Posted On: April 17, 2014