Ontario Budget 2014 – TCAT Identifies Active Transportation Priorities

On Feb 26, 2014 TCAT made a submission to the Ministry of Finance in response to its request for ideas and priorities in advance of the 2014 provincial budget. TCAT identified two priority areas:

1) An annual, predictable funding commitment to the Metrolinx Big Move regional transportation plan is needed, with a dedicated investment in active transportation. 
TCAT released “The Other 25%“, a report discussing the current status of regional active transportation planning, and recommends five next steps for planning and investing in cycling and walking networks. These recommendations¬†include dedicated regional funding for active transportation infrastructure, and the development of a regional active transportation plan.

2) A dedicated annual provincial budget to build cycling infrastructure projects across Ontario needs to be created.
In August 2013, Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation published Ontario’s Cycling Strategy; ¬†a plan to make cycling safer and more accessible throughout Ontario. TCAT responded to the release of this plan with four recommendations to translate this strategy into action; the first was for a funding commitment by the provincial government to invest in municipal cycling infrastructure.

The provincial budget sets Ontario’s priorities for the next year, and is an excellent opportunity to ensure that these visions and plans for active transportation become reality.

Read TCAT’s submission here: 2014BudgetPriorities_TCAT

Posted On: February 26, 2014