TCAT responds to proposed changes to Environmental Assessment process

On January 14, 2014 TCAT made a submission to the Ministry of the Environment in response to its request for comments to the proposed major amendments to the cycling, walking and trail provisions in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment. As part of TCAT’s ongoing research project conducted with Dr. Paul Hess at the University of Toronto, a comprehensive study of the factors affecting the technical details of roadway and street design found that the current EA process can present an undue barrier for municipalities to improving conditions for walking and cycling on streets and roadways.

Overall TCAT is very supportive of the proposed changes with the notable exception of the proposal to streamline the removal or reduction of sidewalks, multi-purpose paths, or bike lanes. We also recommend that a review of opportunities to improve active transportation be required for streamlined road projects.

TCAT’s response to the amendment is available here: MEA_Amendment_Comments_TCAT

Posted On: January 16, 2014