TCAT’s “The Other 25%” Report in the news

Last month, The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) released a new report titled “The Other 25%: Active Transportation Investment and The Big Move.” Produced by TCAT and Moving Right Along with funding support from the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, it presents research supporting the case for investment in active transportation through the regional transportation plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) The Big Move.

The report has generated the following media interest:

The first is a feature article in NRU Toronto (Vol 17, No 37, September 20, 2013). TCAT Director Nancy Smith Lea was interviewed about the purpose of the report: “‘We wanted to ensure that active transportation was featured in the investment strategy and we were concerned that it wasn’t,’ Smith Lea said.”

The other is a Toronto Atmospheric Fund guest blog posting, released on Sep 24: The article highlights the main points and themes raised throughout the report. “The report makes a strong case for dedicated investment in active transportation as a component of The Big Move. On a typical weekday, approximately 47% of car trips in a 24-hour period in the GTHA are less than 5 km. A significant portion of these short trips could easily be replaced by cycling or walking if the right infrastructure was in place.”


Posted On: October 16, 2013