Video – The Bloor Street Bike Lane Project

Earlier this month, Bells on Bloor released a detailed proposal for a bike lane pilot project on Bloor Street (from Shaw to Sherbourne). Their video, “The Case for Bike Lanes on Bloor“, includes an appearance by Nancy Smith Lea, TCAT’s Director, explaining TCAT’s research findings that indicated strong support for removing on-street parking for bike lanes on Bloor.

A video interview of particular interest is with Wade McCallum, Chair of the Bloor-Annex BIA. At 2.43, Wade says: “We’ve made an official stance ‘we want bike lanes on Bloor.’ We are more than willing to lose the parking and replace them with bike lanes. We’ve talked to the business owners, we had a town hall last year… everybody is in favour of trading parking for bike lanes. So it’s unanimous.“

For more information, read TCAT’s response to the proposal to resume the Environmental Assessment study for the installation of bike lanes on Bloor Street West. The letter includes a list of nine reasons to support the motion. Read our full submission here. On October 21st, Toronto’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee will consider staff’s report to incorporate the Bloor EA into the EA planned for a parallel corridor along Dupont Street.

Posted On: October 16, 2013