Complete Streets Forum 2013: Summary Report released

TCAT is pleased to release a summary report of our sixth annual Complete Streets Forum 2013 that took place on May 27, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency in Toronto. The Forum brought together delegates from diverse sectors to share research, best practices, tools and creative solutions to accelerate the adoption of Complete Streets. The summary report, beautifully designed and written by Emma Cohlmeyer, is an opportunity for Forum participants, presenters, and anyone who wasn’t able to attend to take note of the take-away messages from this year’s Forum.

Some of the highlights include:

Please help us to share widely the information captured in this report. It has been designed to be useful for planners, engineers, decision-makers and advocates alike. The PDF version is available for free download online. To order a paper copy, please email us at

Posted On: August 8, 2013