Report: City Initiatives for Reducing Pedestrian Collisions and Improving Traffic Safety

On May 15, the City of Toronto Public Works and Infrastructure Committee will consider the recently released, and highly anticipated, report from the General Manager, Transportation Services; "City Initiatives for Reducing Pedestrian Collisions and Improving Traffic Safety".

Staff conducted a thorough review of collision data over a five-year period (2007-2011) at the city's most dangerous intersections to identify the prevailing pedestrian collision types, determine trends, and compare the collision types to all signalized intersections. They found that the four most common collision types at 10 top priority intersections are similar to those found at all intersections throughout the city. In three out of four of these (70%) the pedestrian had the right of way. They are:

The report considers conditions and proposes specific interventions for the top 10 priority intersections. Proposals include zebra pavement markings, moving the cross walk closer to the intersection, implementing Leading Pedestrian Interval signals, updating pedestrian walk times, and improved signage. Descriptions and diagrams of existing and proposed conditions are included for the 10 priority intersections.

To show your support for the initiative or to provide your input, write to the committee or register to speak on this agenda item on May 15.  

Posted On: May 9, 2013