TCAT Welcomes New Interns

TCAT is pleased to welcome two new interns – Akasha Allen and Jeana Klassen – who will help us with some of our critical upcoming work: the 2013 Complete Streets Forum and our ongoing Complete Streets for Canada research and policy work.

Akasha Allen begins her internship today as TCAT’s Complete Streets Forum Event Coordinator. For the past two years Akasha was a national program coordinator at Evergreen where she was responsible for planning 100 environmental stewardship events across the country, building new partnerships, and providing orientation and training for volunteers. She exudes creativity and positive energy and easily and comfortably develops relationships with clients, colleagues, vendors and partners. Akasha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies, and combined with a not-for-profit background, she brings values of sustainability and community interaction to all her endeavours. Akasha has a keen eye for details big and small, believing the details are what turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary event.

Jeana Klassen will join TCAT starting in early May until August as a Complete Streets researcher. The streets of Toronto are what inspired her during her first visit to the city, as she found many examples where people interacted, engaged, and were represented on pedestrian filled streets. Jeana is a city planning graduate student at the University of Manitoba, and her undergraduate degree is in civil engineering from the University of Alberta. Her primary research interests involve interdisciplinary pedestrian-scaled street designs. Jeana is excited to learn from Toronto and TCAT, while contributing her active transportation and Complete Street experience and research.

Posted On: March 18, 2013