Complete Streets in the Niagara Region

As identified in TCAT's Complete Streets Gap Analysis report released earlier this year, the Niagara Region has initiated a Complete Streets for Niagara project. The outcome of this project was released on Sep 7, 2012 – an excellent new resource titled Complete Streets for Niagara. The discussion paper recognizes the many benefits of Complete Streets, and discusses the local pressures for a policy in the region now, such as their new regional transit system, bike trail system, and recent road enhancement projects. The paper also discusses the benefits of Complete Streets in the context of the region's own economic, health, environmental, and cultural opportunities.
The resource contains useful information that may be helpful for other municipalities as well, with relevant sections on roles for various stakeholders, the importance of public consultation, best practices in implementation and policy, economic value, and overcoming obstacles. John LaPlante and Gary Toth, keynote speakers at TCAT's Complete Streets Forum 2012 are referenced. Residents of the Niagara Region can currently participate in a survey, available on the Complete Streets in Niagara webpage.

To read about the Complete Streets policy work of other Canadian communities, visit the Complete Streets for Canada Case Studies page.

Posted On: September 13, 2012