Complete Streets Forum 2012 – Summary Report

TCAT’s fifth annual Complete Streets Forum was held April 23, 2012 at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works, and gathered designers, planners, engineers, and advocates to discuss the implementation of Complete Streets across Canada. 250 participants were engaged in workshops, keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and networking throughout the day.
We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released the Summary Report which highlights key points and lessons learned throughout the Forum. The session summaries include important quotes and points raised by speakers, as well as key graphics that illustrate the main points. If you would like copies to distribute, please email TCAT. An online PDF version of the report is also freely available to download. Our website also includes archives of forum resources, including event media, and PowerPoint slides.
Many thanks to all of our speakers and sponsors who made the Complete Streets Forum 2012 possible!

Posted On: June 27, 2012