MOVE Transportation Expo opens June 30

TCAT was pleased to attend a preview of the MOVE Expo, a transportation multi-sensory tour at Evergreen Brick Works that explores the past, present and future of transportation; an exploration of the innovative ideas and technologies needed to build and connect our communities in efficient and sustainable ways. The exhibit will run until October 28th and is definitely worth checking out.

In the months leading up the Expo, Evergreen staff posed 10 regionally-based transportation challenges to leading innovators and experts who were asked to share their ideas in a series of brainstorming sessions, or “charrettes”. TCAT staff and steering committee members were invited to participate in three of the challenges: Shared Spaces, Energyway, and Boom or Bust.

An ingenious part of the exhibit is Month in a Car, where a student has agreed to spend a month in a car. With an average car commute of 80 minutes on average per day, this live demonstration represents the entire month (!) that many Torontonians spend in their car each year.


Posted On: June 27, 2012