Complete Streets by Design Take Two!

With funding from the Toronto Community Foundation, TCAT recently produced Complete Streets by Design: Toronto streets redesigned for all ages and abilities to show how six Toronto streets could look and feel redesigned as Complete Streets. By providing visually compelling before and after street sections and photo collages, this tool is intended to be useful for professionals and the general public alike as well as generate conversation about Complete Streets in Toronto.

In just a few short weeks following the launch at the end of March, the 500 printed copies had all flown out the door. As a result of the keen interest, we have received helpful feedback about corrections and recommended improvements to increase the usability and effectiveness of the resource. The revised version includes corrections to some of the roadway dimensions and improvements to the design of the planted median in the Eglinton street section. Please help us by circulating this new version to your contacts. We would also love to print copies of this new and improved version but don’t currently have funding to do so. If you like the resource as much as we do, and would like to help us out please consider donating to TCAT today!

Posted On: June 12, 2012