Off Road Paths for Pedestrians and Cyclists: New TCAT Backgrounder!

In response to the City of Toronto’s renewed interest in off-road path construction, TCAT has developed a backgrounder on Designing Off-Road Paths for Pedestrians and Cyclists. This backgrounder is the second in TCAT’s backgrounder series, the first of which focused on Bikeway Options currently under consideration in Toronto.

Off-road paths, also referred to as multiuse trails or greenways, are travel corridors dedicated for use by pedestrians, cyclists, and other forms of active transportation. This backgrounder touches upon the purpose off-road paths serve, as well as several elements that should be considered when constructing pedestrian, bicycle, and multiuse trails.

Under the direction of the TCAT Director and Steering Committee, TCAT volunteer Jessica Stronghill developed this backgrounder. Jessica has recently moved on from TCAT and is now working with our friends at Smart Commute – North Toronto, Vaughan. Thanks to Jessica for all of her excellent work at TCAT and we wish her the very best!

Posted On: January 10, 2012