Increased Bike Lane Parking Fines + New Fines for Sidewalk Cycling

The same Public Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting voted in favour of increasing fines for stopping in bike lanes from $60 to $150. Although enforcement rather than fines has been found to be the primary deterrent for by-law violations, this is certainly a positive move. Already illegal, the City is looking into creating a fine for sidewalk riding, likely $65. Cyclists clash with pedestrians when riding on sidewalks, as well as increase the number of conflict zones with motor vehicles. One proposed solution is bicycle licensing, which has previously been deemed prohibitively expensive by City reports

Research shows that bikes tend to use sidewalks on major roads, bridges, and for shortcuts. In addition, regional differences in urban form, traffic levels and attitude affect bicycle safety, with more falls and injuries documented in Toronto than Ottawa. Installing bike lanes reduced sidewalk cycling by 50% in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Protected bike lanes in New York City reduced sidewalk cycling by 84% and injuries for all street users by 56%. Investing in safer cycling infrastructure may is a better solution to reducing sidewalk cycling. 

Posted On: January 10, 2012