Obstructive New Info Pillars – Have Your Say!

Fully grown and festively lit trees aren’t the only things sprouting up around the city lately. Dozens of new infoTOgo pillars are being installed, impeding pedestrian flow, blocking sightlines, and causing concern from people who rely on city sidewalks as a mode of transportation.

Beyond violating established Vibrant Streets Guidelines, the hindrance to movement of the pillars is amplified for those using mobility devices such as wheelchairs and by winter conditions. For images of some of the issues and impacts (taken by previous TCAT Steering Committee member Gord Brown) see here

On January 4th, the motion will return to the Public Works and Infrastructure (PWIC) committee with Adam Vaughan and Janet Davis requesting additional controls on the information pillars, including mitigating the destruction of historic and local paving treatments. More meeting information is here, along with the Notice of Motion. The PWIC meeting agenda is not currently up to date but is available here

Posted On: December 20, 2011