Support TCAT to Build Momentum in 2012!

We are on a roll here at TCAT! Our vision of cities that are safe, convenient, and enjoyable communities to walk and bike motivates everything we do. But it’s our commitment to turning this vision into reality that truly excites us. We are confident this inspires our readers as well, and we invite you to show your support by donating to TCAT today.

The Complete Streets Forum 2011 keynote speaker Mia Birk finished with these words of encouraging support:

“TCAT’s work is critical; without well organized advocates, very little can be achieved. Stay involved, and be confident! You are on the right path.” 

This year TCAT was fortunate to receive funding for specific projects, including the Complete Streets Hub and Complete Streets by Design. However, being a catalyst for the implementation of safe and comfortable streets for all users is an ongoing effort. Reliable funding is still required to continue core activities such as newsletters, policy work, communications with councillors and city staff, speaking engagements, and hosting seminars and public events. If any of the many activities that TCAT engages in holds value for you we urge you to donate today!

We are dedicated to our mission to create a better city for cycling and walking. With your help TCAT will continue to build momentum in 2012.

Posted On: December 20, 2011