TCAT Turns Five and Gets a New Name

We are pleased to announce that TCAT has changed its name to TCAT! That’s right, the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation is now the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation. Read on to find out more about the reasons behind this change. Download the full press release here.

The Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation was formed in 2006 to give a unified voice to the many groups working for a better cycling and pedestrian environment in Toronto. For five years, we have worked toward our vision of cities and communities that are safe, convenient, and enjoyable to walk and bike in.

Since becoming a project of Clean Air Partnership, a registered charitable organization, TCAT has evolved from a grassroots advocacy group into a research and education organization. As a result, we are celebrating our fifth birthday by changing our name to the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation.

Although we have many successes to celebrate, there is still so much more to do for active transportation in our communities. TCAT remains committed to carrying out our mission and mandate to create a better city for cycling and walking.

Current projects that continue to provide evidence-based and workable active transportation solutions include:

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Posted On: November 22, 2011