Cities Mixes and Fixes Interdisciplinary Workshop

On Friday March 25th, 2011, a small but engaged group of students participated in a Complete Streets workshop. An interactive and interdisciplinary series of workshops hosted by U of T’s Cities Centre, Cities Mixes and Fixes connects students from geography, architecture, urban studies, engineering, environmental studies and political science to discuss, debate and gain new perspectives on current urban issues.

Organized in partnership with the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT) at the Clean Air Partnership, the workshop featured a presentation by Nancy Smith Lea, director of TCAT, with Neluka Leanage and Michelle St-Amour, on three key aspects of Complete Streets: street design standards and policies, case studies and community organizations.

During the second hour of the workshop, participants partook in an urban street design game called the Right of Way Game, which asks participant to design a more inclusive right-of way for two sections of Bloor St. West. The objective was to understand the issues and conflicts that transportation and road engineers have to negotiate while undertaking a road design.

Posted On: April 12, 2011