TCAT Welcomes New Steering Committee Members

In 2010 TCAT underwent a strategic planning process. Steering committee members reached out to key stakeholders to get feedback on TCAT’s past projects and solicit advice on future directions. It was an extremely useful and confirming process for the work we are doing, and provided TCAT with a solid framework to move forward. For the duration of the strategic plan process, the steering committee decided not to fill spots that became vacant as members completed their terms. As a result, by the end of 2010 there were seven open spots on the committee.

In December 2010, a call was issued a for new steering committee members for a minimum two-year term. We were pleased to receive a large number of high quality applicants, but this also meant we had to make difficult choices in filling a limited number of spaces. A sub-committee of the steering committee reviewed the applications, interviewed the candidates, and made selections based on TCAT’s needs as determined by our strategic planning process.

We are extremely pleased to welcome our new members to the steering committee, who bring a range of expertise, talent and experience to guide TCAT’s work. The new members are: James Chan, Keagan Gartz, Chris Hardwicke, David McElroy, Thomas Smahel, Jonathan Yazer, and Darryl Young. Find out more the new and continuing members here.We want to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing 2010 steering committee members for their time, dedication and numerous contributions, made both collectively and individually to building TCAT: Allyson Amster, Andrew Bieler, Anthony Humphreys, Rebekah McGurran, Jennifer Niece, Dylan Passmore, and Stephanie Tencer.

Posted On: February 15, 2011