More Buzz about Separated Bike Lanes

In the last TCAT News we reported on some new studies that showed increased ridership in London and Montreal after the installation of “separated bike lanes”. Separated bike lanes, also known as cycle tracks, provide some kind of barrier between motor-vehicle and bicycle traffic. An on-line buzz has continued on this topic over the last two weeks.

As reported in Streetsblog, another new research study has been released, this time from Harvard’s School for Public Health, published in the journal Injury Prevention. The study found that cycle tracks attract 2.5 times more cyclists and result in fewer injuries. A Streetsblog reader posted this excellent video that focuses on how cycle tracks work at intersections in the Netherlands.

Also in recent news is a report from Vancouver about “Business for Bikes“, a coalition of Vancouver businesses who believe separated bike lanes will “benefit their bottom line and make the region a better place to do business.”

And finally, the iBikeTO blog provides a list of reasons why separated bike lanes should be given a chance in Toronto.

Posted On: February 15, 2011