Walk21 Conference – TCAT in the Hague!

In a recent TCAT News made a donations appeal for travel funds to present two TCAT research reports at the Walk21 Conference in the Hague, Nov 17-19, 2010. In response, we received several generous donations amounting to over $6,000!

Elana Horowitz, TCAT Steering Committee member, will present Stephanie Tencer’s research into community walkability audit tools for the City of Toronto.

Nancy Smith Lea, TCAT Director, will present the results of Clean Air Partnership’s two Bike Lanes, On-Street Parking and Business research studies in two locations on Bloor Street in Toronto. These studies were designed to determine the public acceptability and potential economic implications of reallocating road space from on-street parking to widened sidewalks or bike lanes. Nancy’s paper summarizes and compares the results from the Year 1 Bloor Annex study and the Year 2 Bloor West Village study.

Both of these papers will be published in the Walk 21 conference proceedings.

We are so grateful to our generous donors who have given us the opportunity to attend this important conference and share our research results. TCAT does not have a stable source of core funding, so this type of venture would not be possible without this support.

At TCAT everything we do is motivated by a vision of cities that are safe, convenient and enjoyable place to walk and cycle. We believe that active transportation is central to making vibrant and competitive cities that are also sustainable, accessible, and healthy for all. If any of the many activities that TCAT engages in holds value for you we urge you to donate today.

Any donations in support of TCAT’s work will receive a tax deductible receipt from Clean Air Partnership. You may donate online by clicking here.

Posted On: November 9, 2010