Share the Road Cycling Coalition releases Green Paper

On March 5th, the Share the Road Cycling Coalition released a Green Paper. Its purpose is to inform the direction of bicycle policy in Ontario and to provide a strategic plan for increasing the use of cycling.

TCAT was pleased to be included as a partner in this important document and to attend the press conference held on the opening day of the Toronto International Bicycle Show at Exhibition Place.

The cornerstone recommendation is for a creation of a fund for encouraging cycling infrastructure, policies and programs in Ontario. The $20 million “Ontario Bicycling Investment Fund” would provide funding for initiatives to promote cycling in Ontario. The amount represents the provincial component to the HST which beginning July 1st will be applied to bikes, bike parts and products, and is based on data from the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada (BTAC).

While the Green Paper is chock-full of many excellent recommendations, the inclusion of a provincial complete streets policy is especially timely: “The Ontario government should demonstrate leadership by developing a complete streets policy, and it should encourage the federal government to do the same.” (page 30)

The entire document is worth reading and sharing. It can be downloaded here.

Posted On: March 22, 2010