American Society of Civil Engineers Endorses Official Complete Streets Policy

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has made a major step toward ensuring that America’s transportation system is safe for all. In its policy statement the ASCE states that "the safety, interests, and convenience of all users  – drivers, bicyclists, transit users and pedestrians of all ages and abilities  – be considered in the design, construction, operations, and management of transportation projects. ASCE believes that America’s transportation system should be designed, built, operated, and managed for safe travel by everyone."

The ASCE also recently made headlines for their study which showed that Americans will see job losses of over 870,000 in ten years if there is a failure to invest in the right kinds of infrastructure to meet the needs of different kinds of users of roadways.

While the ASCE did not make a direct connection between these two announcements, the National Complete Streets Coalition believes they are linked. Complete Streets is all about ensuring that investments better meet the needs of everyone using the roadway instead of taking a piecemeal approach that can create unsafe conditions for those traveling by foot, bicycle, or public transit. The Coalition applauds ASCE’s forward-looking policy statement.

Posted On: August 9, 2011