Bike Boxes Come to Toronto

Toronto got its first bike boxes last week when the City installed 4 bike boxes at the St. George Street and Harbord Street – Hoskin Avenue intersection on the University of Toronto campus.

Bike boxes are a pavement marking behind the pedestrian crosswalk where bikes can wait in front of cars at red lights. When the light turns green, cyclists can proceed before cars, which is considered safer as they are more visible than in ordinary situations. Intersections with bike boxes do not permit turns on red lights, further reducing risk to cyclists.

The City has created a handout to explain to cyclists and motorists how to use the new bike boxes.

When asked about the new cycling infrastructure, Toby Bowers, coordinator of U of T’s Bikechain had this to say:

“I am really happy to see the city installing more complex cycling infrastructure. This sets the tone for advancing the presence and safety of cyclists on major streets in the core.

I worry about conflicts being created by the lack of an advance green for bicycle traffic. This is a key component to bike box infrastructure in many other cities, and Bikechain plans to advocate for this additional signaling.

I trust that the city will continue to move forward on trying more of these types novel infrastructure that create more egalitarian streets for all modes of transit.”

Pictures of the new intersection can be viewed on ibikeTO.

Bike boxes are scheduled to be installed at the following four intersections this fall: Hoskin and Queens Park Crescent (eastbound) Harbord and Spadina (east and westbound) College and Spadina (east and westbound) College and St George-Beverley (north, south, east and west bound)

Additionally, bikeway intersection pavement markings will be installed at all of the signalized intersections on the Harbord-Hoskin-Wellesley route, between Ossington Avenue and Parliament Street.

For more updates about cycling infrastructure and City events, check out the City’s cycling newsletter, the Cyclometer.

Posted On: October 13, 2010