TCAT Participates in Ministry of Transportation’s Drivers Manual Review

TCAT was recently involved in a Toronto Cyclists Union initiative to review the Ministry of Transportation’s Drivers Manual. This manual, which is currently scheduled for an update by MTO is read by anyone planning to obtain a drivers license in Ontario. The Toronto Cyclists Union established a working group which included representatives from TCAT, City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation, the Toronto Police Services, City of Toronto Pedestrian Committee and the City of Toronto Cycling Advisory Committee. This working group reviewed the document in detail and has outlined a series of proposed edits which would dramatically improve the legibility of the document with respect to the rights, roles and responsibilities of all road users in sharing the road. The working group paid specific attention to how and when cyclists and pedestrians are referenced in the text and also recommended improvements to the images in the document. Currently, the City of Toronto Pedestrian Committee, Cycling Advisory Committee and Public Works & Infrastructure Committee have all endorsed the proposed changes. The proposed edits are set to go to Council this week. After that, the bike union will be delivering the proposal to MTO.

TCAT is pleased to have been part of this important initiative. Thanks to the Toronto Cyclists Union for their lead on this! We will keep TCAT supporters informed on any progress as this process rolls out.

Posted On: February 23, 2010