Your Input into Active Transportation Changes in Highway Traffic Act – December 17

The Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario (RPWCO) is currently reviewing the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) to determine what amendments may be appropriate to support and promote active transportation in Ontario.

TCAT has been invited to provide feedback into this process. In turn we are soliciting input from TCAT supporters in order to assist us in submitting a response that reflects your views. We will incorporate all responses as best we can and submit a coordinated response.

Please provide your responses to the following questions by Dec 17th:

  1. Do you think the Ontario Highway Traffic Act needs improvement to promote active modes of transportation? Please explain why.
  2. How do you think the Ontario Highway Traffic Act could be improved to enable each of the following active modes of transportation? a) Walking, including with the help of mobility devices; b) Cycling; c) In-line Skating; d) Other (e.g., skateboarding, etc.)
  3. In your opinion, are there any sections of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act that hinder active transportation?
  4. If you answered “yes” to Question 4, should these sections/provisions be amended and, if so, how?
  5. Which sections of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act do you think need clarification with respect to active transportation issues? Please explain why.
  6. Are there other active transportation related issues that you think are not covered by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act? Please explain.

In TCAT’s original platform released in 2006, we highlighted the importance of implementing all recommendations from the 1998 Regional Coroner’s report on Cycling Fatalities and Injuries, including amendments to the HTA. If you or your organization have information about other changes that need to be made to the HTA to facilitate safe cycling and walking, we would like to hear from you.

This is an opportunity for you to voice some of your concerns and suggestions relating to the HTA, and articulate the impacts this could have on your daily activities.

Posted On: December 7, 2010