Complete Streets Game: Get one while you still can!

A man and a woman play the Complete Streets Game at the Scarborough Cycling Summit
By Tessa Nasca | Photo: Tessa Nasca

We’re down to the last 25 sets of TCAT’s new Complete Streets Game—grab a copy while they last! Just a couple short months ago, we proudly launched our first production run of the Complete Streets Game 2.0. Since then, we have sold hundreds of copies of the game to community leaders, municipalities, consultants, and Complete Streets nerds across Canada and the USA. We are so excited to see our game creating impact in diverse contexts, but we don’t want you to miss the boat! You can grab your copy online via the TCAT website, or in person at the Spacing Store in Toronto or the GreenUP Store in Peterborough. We’re hoping to do another production run in the future, but by ordering today, you won’t be stuck waiting. Re-imagine a street near you today!

Posted On: August 16, 2018