reliminary results of multi-year study show streetcar tracks involved in 1/3 of cycling accidents in Toronto,

The University of British Columbia’s cycling research program, Cycling in Cities, released its preliminary findings of their Bicyclists’ Injuries and the Cycling Environment study. TCAT first announced this study in 2007 when we were brought on as a consultant for Toronto.

Injuries and the Cycling Environment examined cycling routes in Toronto and Vancouver to determine what is associated with higher and lower rates of cycling injuries. The study interviewed over 600 adults injured while cycling and went to hospital emergency rooms between 2008 and 2009.

The preliminary finds, released last month and reported in the Globe and Mail, found street car tracks and dooring are heavily associated with cycling injuries in Toronto. According to Steven Friedman, an emergency room doctor that participated in the study, “’Out of 150 [accidents], roughly one-third involve streetcar tracks.’ In many cases, cyclists hit the tracks while avoiding double-parked cars or cars moving out of parking spaces.”

Posted On: June 15, 2010