Changing Gears: Toronto releases new report on cycling in Toronto

The release this month of Changing Gears: Toronto for Cyclists documents cycling improvements in the city thus far and provides encouraging statistics about ridership. The report sets 7 priorities:

  1. Connecting the Bikeway Trails: Taking it off-road
  2. Completing the Downtown Bikeways: Building a solid core
  3. Providing Secure Bicycle Parking Options: Protecting your bicycle
  4. Launching a Public Bicycle Program: Making cycling more convenient
  5. Research & Data to Guide Investments in Cycling: Making the business case
  6. Engaging Communities to Support Cycling: Building successful programs together
  7. Training Cyclists and Drivers: Improving safety for all road users

The Toronto Star’s article on the report highlights the lack of attention the report gives to the Bike Plan’s 1000 kilometers of bike routes goal and instead how attention and focus has shifted to making improvements to the existing cycling network. This raises the question: How will the City spend the $70 million City Council approved in December for cycling infrastructure?

Posted On: June 15, 2010