TCAT Releases its New 2010 Platform and Review of AT Progress 2006-2009!

With a municipal election on its way, we are pleased to release TCAT’s 2010 platform titled Action 2014: Taking the Next Step (download in PDF format here.) TCAT’s platform provides a detailed analysis of concrete steps that the city can take in all areas of its operations to improve walking and cycling in the next term of council from 2010 to 2014.

TCAT is also pleased to release its review of progress made during the current term of council up to the end of 2009. This detailed review can be found on-line here.

TCAT’s new 2010 platform and its review of the 2006 platform was the result of hours and hours of hard work by many people. We have many to thank. First off a big thank you to TCAT’s supporting organizations (now over 60) who shared their priorities and experience in an on-line survey and by attending two public meetings. City staff were also generous with their time in answering our questions and responding to requests for information. With many thanks to Martin Koob, Fred Sztabinski, Mateen Mahoboubi, and the members of the TCAT Steering Committee for all of their hard work in developing this new platform.

TCAT is currently seeking funding to conduct a survey of all candidates in Toronto’s 2010 municipal election based on the work of our new platform. The survey would provide an opportunity to raise candidates’ awareness of active transportation challenges and solutions. It would also provide voters with information about the candidates’ views on these issues. Please consider making a donation to TCAT to fund this work. For more information on TCAT’s platform, click here.

Posted On: April 16, 2010