Complete Streets in the Toronto Environmental Alliance Candidate Report Card

On Monday, October 4, the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) released the results from their environmental survey of Toronto’s candidates for City Council. In their press release, TEA stated that the results “suggest the next City Council will be green.”

Highlights of the results include:

Included on the Report Card was a section on improving transportation:

Build Transportation Infrastructure Everyone Can Use

Cycling and walking are important forms of transportation that contribute to a healthier population and reduce negative impacts on the environment. We need infrastructure built to accommodate bikes and pedestrians as well as transit vehicles and cars. In the U.S. this is happening through "Complete Streets" policies that ensure the planning and redevelopment of streets are done with all users (pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders of all ages and abilities along with cars and trucks) in mind.

Read the results here.

Posted On: October 13, 2010