TCAT’s 2010 Municipal Candidate Election Survey Underway

TCAT is currently undergoing a survey of all City of Toronto mayoral, councillor and school trustee candidates.

TCAT previously surveyed all City of Toronto municipal candidates in the lead up to the 2006 Municipal Elections. TCAT created an Active Transportation Platform that identified actions for the next City Council to take to support active transportation.

With another municipal election on the way in 2010, TCAT once again provided a detailed analysis of concrete steps for the city to take in all areas of its operations to improve walking and cycling in the next term of council. TCAT’s 2010 platform titled “Action 2014: Taking the Next Step” was released on April 16, 2010. More information about TCAT’s platform can be found here.

The survey will provide voters with information about the candidates’ views on active transportation issues and about the concrete steps that can be taken to improve cycling and walking in Toronto.

We have already received over 50 completed surveys. All survey responses will be posted on TCAT’s website soon.

Posted On: August 10, 2010