A First in Ontario: Segregated Bike Lanes in Downtown Ottawa

The City of Ottawa recently implemented Ontario's first downtown segregated bike lanes (referred to as physically separated bike lanes in Toronto), as a two-year pilot project on Laurier Avenue West. The bike and traffic lanes are separated by planter boxes, poles, and concrete curbs. An informational video outlines proposed benefits to local residents and businesses, and to an overall better quality of life.

Highlights of Ottawa's new bike lanes include:

  • New yield signs that instruct motorists to yield to cyclists and pedestrians when making right turns
  • New left-turn bicycle boxes at intersections to help cyclists turn left
  • New turning restrictions, including restrictions for right turns on red lights
  • New stopping, parking, loading and Para Transpo zones
  • New additional paint markings and informational signage


Posted On: July 26, 2011