Complete Streets: It’s About More than Bike Lanes

To have separated bike lanes or not to? Over the last four years, New York City has transformed some of its major arterial streets to make them safer for all road users and to provide more space for walking, biking, and transit. These streets have been redesigned with broad support from the community, leaders, experts, and local businesses and the results have been dramatic.

According to Streetfilms, "…the benefits of the redesigns go far beyond cycling. A street with a protected bike lane also has less speeding, shorter pedestrian crossings, less lane-shifting and more predictable movements for drivers, and the opportunity to add more trees and plantings. Injuries to pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and car passengers drop wherever the new designs go in. And on the East Side, these improvements have been paired with dedicated bus-only lanes with camera enforcement, making service more convenient and attractive for thousands of bus riders."

Streetfilms produces excellent short films about transportation design on a regular basis. At 11 minutes, this latest film, titled "Complete Streets: It's About More than Bike Lanes" is one of their longest so far but well worth watching from start to finish. Check it out on Streetfilms.

Posted On: May 31, 2011