CVUP115: Planning Active Transportation

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CVUP 115: Planning Active Transportation is a seven-week course offered through Ryerson’s Chang School of Continuing Education. It explores participatory design and engagement practices, with a focus on reaching marginalized communities and re-imagining streets and public spaces as active, healthy, and green. Drawing on four years of research and pilot projects, the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation’s (TCAT) co-design experts, Car Martin and Mikey Bennington, will lead you through the challenges and opportunities of designing for pedestrians and cyclists across a range of environments. Students will gain the following skills:
  • Data management and translation – specifically working with community feedback as data to qualify designs and inform planning options for walking and cycling projects

  • Community engagement process planning

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Partnership development skills

  • Strategizing for different policy contexts

  • Evidence-informed decision-making (for example, bridging population level health evidence with local context to more accurately assess potential health impacts)

  • Up to date urban design strategies and guidelines for walking and cycling

This course is intended for community organizers, advocates, built environment, transportation, active living or health professionals or anyone interested in active transportation and co-design techniques. The Ontario Professional Planners Institute and the Ontario Association of Architects have both endorsed the course as a professional development opportunity. Want to know more? Read our course FAQ.
Course Details
When: Thursdays, 6:30-9:30pm, March 22nd – May 3rd
Where: Ryerson University
Cost: $418.10
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Posted On: February 28, 2018