Steering Committee

Allyson Amster

While she started biking as an undergrad in New York City, it was not until moving to Toronto almost ten years ago that she became a committed, year-round commuter.  A former member of TCAT’s Steering Committee, Allyson is thrilled to once again join this organization where she can work towards promoting  active transportation options for all people. Allyson has degrees in urban studies, environmental studies and law. (Member since May 2016)

Asher Mercer

Asher is a passionate advocate for sustainable mobility with a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from Queen’s. He spent 5 years as TDM Coordinator for York Region, helping the Region pioneer sustainable mobility initiatives, including partnering with the local Public Health unit to implement active transportation measures for all age groups. Asher recently moved into the private sector, starting Urban ID consulting, with a focus on sustainable mobility and place-making. (Member since November 2013)

Jason Neudorf

Jason enjoys many forms of active transportation including walking, cycling, hiking, canoeing and cross-country skiing. Having lived in several Canadian and European cities, he has a keen appreciation for the role that active transportation can play in improving the quality of people’s lives. As a transportation planner, Jason regularly contributes to the planning and design of active transportation infrastructure projects across Canada. With a passion for social justice, he has also led research projects investigating how transportation and land use patterns affect social equity outcomes. (Member since November 2014)

Clara Romero

Clara is an architect and urban designer with a special interest in understanding the impact of the urban environment on our quality of life. She strongly believes that changing the way we move is the most immediate and effective mechanism to reshape our lives and our cities. As an urban designer, she has a broad range of experience in public space projects and more specifically the redesign of streets, both in Canada and Spain, where she originally comes from. As a cycling advocate, she participated in the coordination of Open Streets TO 2014 and is an organizer of the annual Urban Land Institute Cycling Tour of Toronto. (Member since November 2014)

Michelle Sawka

Michelle is a project manager at Toronto and Region Conservation where she manages the Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition. Her past experience includes working for the Canadian Urban Transit Association where she facilitated knowledge and data sharing on integrated urban mobility and coordinated research to support public transit agencies and advance public transit policy at a national scale. She also has a background in urban forestry and climate change adaptation, and holds undergraduate and masters degrees in physical geography and environmental science and management, respectively. (Member since November 2014)